What is Smelly Goodies?

Smelly Goodies is a micro batch scent company. All items are crafted by hand in Southern Ohio. We create our Smelly Goodies in small batches so you will receive the very best scent quality.

We choose to support American Farmers by using soy wax manufactured in Iowa as part of our blend. We choose many natural ingredients for our products. We repurpose crushed corn cob to create scent sachets and choose baking soda as the scent carrier for our carpet refresher.

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Meet the Maker

Hello! My name is Emily.

I’m the maker of all the scents at Smelly Goodies. I’m the proud wife of a veteran and the mother of two beautiful daughters. I enjoy calm moments, being comfy, hoodies, music, moscato, and dark chocolate.

I love clean smells like laundry, rain, and salty sea air. I also love ALL the bakery scents. I am not much for strong florals or perfume type scents. I prefer sweet cinnamon over spicy cinnamon.

I enjoy creating custom scent blends. I’d love to help you make your smelly good creations come to life.